Updated Model Memo: Proposing a Retention Bonus

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We’re pleased to present our Updated, Revised, Improved Model Memo:

“Proposal for a Retention Bonus Arrangement” – for Use When You Are Asked or Urged to Remain In Your Position for an Extended Period of Time . . .

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It is more and more common that an Employee is asked or urged, “Would you please remain in Your Position until . . . (i) the Company is Sold, (ii) the Merger takes place, (iii) Your Client “signs The Contract,” (iv) Your Replacement is identified and/or hired, or many, many other such events have taken place. It is in these situations and others that you may seek a “Retention Bonus” be paid to you for doing so. Your Retention Bonus might take the form of: (i) a cash payment, (ii) additional equity or carried interest grant, (iii) Guaranteed Bonus upon eventual departure, even accelerated vesting of prior awards.

This Model Memo, like all of our Model Memos and Model Letters, shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”

Using clear, simple language, it addresses the essential points, in an organized, effective fashion. It is an effective tool, available at a rather modest cost.

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