“Complaint against Bully Boss To CEO and Head of HR”

Bully Bossing is becoming increasingly common. Fortunately, employers are also becoming increasingly aware that bully bossing is a threat to their own interests, as it results in lower employee morale, distraction from the most important tasks at hand, heightened difficulty attracting good employees, and failure to retain valuable employees. Lawsuits are on the rise, too.

Our approach to Bully Bossing is two-fold: We recommend, first, that affected employees consider sending an Anonymous Complaint, which can yield the Bully Boss getting a stern warning, or even fired. Second, if that does not seem appropriate, or is not effective, we then suggest this direct approach: a memo directly to the CEO, and Head of HR.

While most employees in this circumstance are quite frightened, intimidated and reluctant to act, our experience is that such complaints are becoming less and less risky, as even bully bosses fear becoming known as such, internally or externally.

This Model Memo shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It,™” and also includes our list of 57 Signs You are being Bullied at Work.

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