We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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Request for Therapist’s or Doctor’s Note in Support of Your Efforts to (i) take a FMLA Leave, (ii) apply for Short Term Disability, (iii) Involuntarily Resign, and (iv) support your similar work-related efforts. Included is a Draft Model “Professional’s Note” for your Therapist or Professional to help him/her prepare his or her Professional’s Note.

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More and more, the state and federal employment laws permit your employer to require that your therapist, family doctor or other licensed healthcare professional provide a letter to your employer attesting to your need to use your legal rights.

Examples include, (a) to take a FMLA Leave of Absence, (b) to apply for Short Term Disability, (c) in support of your Involuntarily Resigning, and other situations, as well.

This Model Letter has two parts: (i) a Model Letter from you to your Medical or Emotional Health Professional and (ii) a Model Professional’s Note for him or her to use, if needed, to prepare the requested “Professional’s Note.”

Like all of our Model Memos and Model Letters, this Model Memo shows you “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™

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