We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

“For Employees Considering Expatriate Assignments: Requesting Protections, Clarifications and Assurances – with 16 Common Requests”

It is always wise to “Look Before You Leap.” It is even wiser to do so when (a) what you are considering doing will directly affect your family’s well-being, (b) you may be “leaping” to another country for an extended period of time for your employer, and (c) the consequences of not first obtaining protections, clarifications and assurances on certain subjects could be calamitous.

Like all of our Model Letters and Memos, this Model Letter shows you both “What to Say, and How to Say It.”™ It also offers the sixteen most common concerns raised by potential expatriates.

Remember that, if you are offered the chance of a lifetime, it could just turn out to be the nightmare of your life.

Consider, too, obtaining our 138-Point Guide and Checklist to considering Expatriate Assignments. There is nothing like it anywhere.

If interested in either or both, just [click here.]

Don’t leave home without them!!

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