Where can I learn to appear more confident?

Question: My boss told me the reason I did not get a promotion is because I lack self-confidence and appear nervous. What classes or actions can I do to improve my self-image?

Lake Elsinore, California

Answer: I don’t know your occupation, but I do know that the appearance of self-confidence is critically important to nearly everyone who has a job. People who don’t appear self-confident give other people the sense that the job they need done may not get done, even when that is not true. It’s a problem you’ll need to deal with. It’s absolutely important to anyone who wants a promotion, which usually entails more responsibilities for getting more things done. It’s also critically important in any negotiation. There are two things I might suggest.

The first is to consider a reputable hypnotherapist, one whose credentials and character you have checked out, and who believes he or she can help you. I have seen hypnotherapy work in circumstances such as yours, and in many other contexts as well.

Second, when I typed in “self-confidence” into the Google search engine, hundreds of “hits” came up. Though you will need to separate the “good stuff” from the “bad stuff” on-line, there seem to be no limit to people, companies and organizations who believe they can make you a more self-confident person.

Best, Al Sklover

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