ACTUAL CASE HISTORY: Every now and then we like to laugh at ourselves . . . and at things we’ve heard from our clients. These are representative of things we’ve actually heard in Actual Case Histories (more than we can count).

LESSON TO LEARN: “God bless those who have minimal expectations . . . for they will not be disappointed.”

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Bear these in mind:

Top 10 Worst Job-Change Expectations

10. All the promises and assurances made to me in my interviews will be fulfilled.

9. My boss will not tolerate office politics.

8. The “target” bonus will be achievable with reasonable effort.

7. The changes I’m being hired to bring about have a clear, unquestioned mandate by top management.

6. My view of how to run things will eventually be accepted by everyone.

5. The way to the top will be simple: hard work.

4. My co-workers will ignore their own self-interests in order to do the right thing for all.

3. Criticisms I share with my colleagues and boss will be taken constructively.

2. The hours will be reasonable, the boss will be generous and the coffee will be free.

1. Everyone and everything will be better on my next job.

Hope these weren’t too familiar . . . and made you smile. Stay optimistic, but realistic, too.

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