Craziest Reasons for Calling in Sick

These Things Keep Employees Happy?

• Google employees get a free oil change and car wash while they work.

• Genentech locates babysitters for their employees.

• Twitter offers yoga during the workday.

• Everbrite offers massages and acupuncture  
to “ease the pain.”

• Warby-Parker offers free hypnotherapy sessions for employees’ bad habits.

• Zynga offers – I kid you not – free dog-grooming at the office.

• Dropbox holds a “Whiskey Friday” every week.

There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when old-fashioned things called “pensions,” “health insurance,” “vacations” and even your own office, were all the rage.

Some say that, over the years, employment has become more like “dating” than like “marriage.” It seems that this may be true, in more ways than we might have imagined.

Who knows? Even that relic of the past known as “Job Security” might one day become popular again.

Enjoy yourself!!!

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