Coffee was a perk;
now it’s a grind.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, employees are being given more choices than ever regarding the varieties of coffee provided for free by their employers at work. And, they are complaining about it more than ever before. In fact, battle lines are being drawn.

For as long as I remember, free coffee at work was a poorly disguised way to keep employees awake, and to gently discourage their “going out” for a cup. It seems today that new coffee makers offer choices from latte to mocha to decaf to French Vanilla. “Fair trade” and “GMO-free” are among other available choices.

But now tea drinkers have petitioned for equal treatment, which means exotic loose-leaf blends, and, of course, organically-grown varieties. And don’t even ask about the cow’s milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and lactose-free milk devotees.

Then came the cold-brew avengers, and battle lines being drawn and resultant skirmishes between 11-scoops or 12-scoops partisans. Warring camps have also coalesced in support of Maxwell House, Folgers and Starbucks blends.

So much for keeping people awake. Sounds like decaf coffee and sleepy-time tea are in order, but please don’t email me: I am not taking sides. Just hoping for peace on Earth to arrive by the holidays.

Have a good day at work, and keep your happy face on.

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